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Promote Brand

After you have launched your brand into the marketplace, you will begin the process of on-going promotion and job search campaign management. This is where many job seekers struggle as they spend most of their time engaged in passive job search strategies, resulting in longer than necessary search times.

To effectively promote your brand you will need to spend the majority of your time networking and maintaining a steady presence in front of your contacts as a subject matter expert. In addition, you will want to spend time engaged in strategic activities marketing your credentials to targeted companies, continuing communications with recruiters, and presenting your credentials for relevant job openings.

STEP 1:  Create your Infomercial

STEP 2:  Establish your Network

STEP 3:  Engage your Network

STEP 4:  Introduce yourself to Target Companies

STEP 5  Respond to Job Lead Advertisements

STEP 6:  Manage your Job Search Campaign