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Create Brand

The foundation of an effective job search campaign is to fully understand what you have to offer the business community. In the job market, you are selling You, Inc. The process of establishing your personal career brand is determining what you have to sell and how to convey that value to prospective employers​.

By following the steps outlined in the Create Brand stage below, you will gain insight into what makes you most marketable. As you move through the job search process, you will use these inventories to create your resume, cover letters, and social media profiles. You will also learn how to effectively articulate your value in an interview.

STEP 1:  Assess your best career fit

Ask your coach about assessments that

will add value to your transition.

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STEP 2:  Establish your career objective

STEP 3:  Inventory career action words

STEP 4:  Identify keywords to describe expertise

STEP 5:  Inventory technical skills

STEP 6:  Inventory business competencies

STEP 7:  Inventory career stories


Journaling is a great way to process and manage emotions during your transition.