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If you engage in the smart, strategic job search activities recommended by Meridian, you will most likely reach this stage of your job search quickly. So, it is prudent to review the steps in the process BEFORE you need them.

This stage will help you become a confident candidate in interviews.  Through these steps, you will prepare for preliminary employment screenings, interviews, job offer assessments, and negotiations that ultimately help you land that great new job.

STEP 1:  Prepare for preliminary candidate screening process

STEP 2:  Prepare responses for

interview questions  

STEP 3:  Learn how to make a great first impresssion

STEP 4:  Understand the different types of interviews and how to adjust to each

STEP 5:  Learn effective follow up skills to utilize in the interview process

STEP 6:  Understand how to successfully negotiate through the interview process

STEP 7:  Assess offers to determine the best fit